Sunday, July 19, 2015

DIY: Record Console Makeover

Since going to Memphis this past spring, we have been searching for a record player. A few weeks ago, we came across a gem. We decided to make it our wedding anniversary gift to each other, seems the 5th year element is wood the console was perfect.

A local woman moving to Arizona and was selling her record console for $80. She had originally purchased this Truetone console from her husband's electronic store back in 1972. I got the sense the record player was full of memories, full of love. We purchased the console for $80, she also gave us a huge stack of records. She wanted to just give them away, but we insisted on giving her at least another $20.
Note the stack of records on the right...whoa!

RECLAIM had reached out to me several months ago, wanting me to try out their furniture paint product on one of my DIY projects. They specialize in making painting easy. They offer sealer, furniture paint, counter-top paint, flecks and antiquing glaze. Their furniture paint acts as a bonding agent, primer and finisher. It's also eco-friendly. Love that!!!

It took me a while to find the piece I wanted to use it on (thanks RECLAIM for being patient with me). Once we purchased this record player, I knew it was the item I wanted to RECLAIM. The company sent me a complimentary product in the off-white color I chose.

View the specific product details here.
After 2 coats of paint

 I ended up doing almost 3 coats of paint because the original wood was so dark. The paint covers well. It's very thick and I still have about a 1/2 cup left for future touch ups if needed.

A few things I learned while painting with RECLAIM.
  • The finish of the paint is not smooth, but dries in a textured manner. 
  • I found it works best to use a high density foam roller (6in x1/2 in) to apply paint to large areas.
  • For the small areas I used a brush. 
  • You MUST stipple if you use a brush, otherwise brushstrokes will be noticeable when the paint dries because the paint is so thick.
  • A little paint goes a long way. The thinner you put the paint on, the smoother the final look.

Next part of the project? The speakers. Call me crazy, but the 70s fabric was not doing it for me. I had a lot of leftover linen-like fabric from a baby shower I threw for one of my friends. I thought the neutral tone would work great for a timeless look.

Remove speaker panel and fabric
This fabric even smelled like the 70s...yikes!
Used panel as a template to cut new speaker fabric
Ironed out the wrinkles
Used spray adhesive to secure fabric to the front of the panel
Used double-sided fabric tape to secure fabric to the back of the panels
 Replacing the speaker fabric was by far the hardest part. First, we ripped out the cardboard facing. Using a screw driver to do so, caused the paint to chip slightly, so I did a few retouches after we put the final speakers in.

To give the record console a personal touch, I had a brass applique engraved with one of our wedding vows and our anniversary date. I surprised my husband with it on our anniversary and we attached it to the inside of the console.

This is by far one of my favorite projects I have done. The before & after is so drastic.

Looking to redo a piece of furniture? Order RECLAIM on their website, visit your local Home Depot, or if you're in Boise head to Woodcraft of Boise. Woodcraft specializes in woodwork and workshops. It's a great place to stop in and check out the RECLAIM product line.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project as much as I did. I know this piece will stay in our family for generations to come.

*Complimentary product provided by RECLAIM. All opinions in this posts are my own and have not been influenced by my collaboration with RECLAIM. This is the real deal bombshells.*

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