Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beale Street Style

I recently spent a week in Memphis, TN for vacation with the hubby. Many years ago (as in 20...eeeek!) I lived in Memphis. The last time I visited was 11 years ago, so my visit to the great south was well overdue.

One of my favorite nights was spent on the infamous Beale Street. It's full of music, people and great food.  We ended up a BB Kings to listen to blues music and chow down on some fried pickles. Can I just say fried pickles are the most AMAZING thing ever! I have never had them before and now I am obsessed. Pretty sure I will be craving them for the rest of my life :-)

Blazer & Blouse: Forever 21, Jeans: David Bitton, Clutch: Nordstrom Rack
They might not be blue suede, but they are still perfect shoes for the occasion.
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Enjoy the weekend bombshells. Hope you do something jazzy!!!

Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Beautiful,

The BoiseBombshell