Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Favorites

Fall is definitely in the air. I remain convinced it happened overnight. 

September is always a fabulous month in my world because two of my favorite things happen:

1). Fall begins
2). "The September Issue" of Vogue arrives

Oh fall, I love you. I am trying to hold out on getting a pumpkin spice latte, until fall officially starts on September 22nd...but we'll see how long I can restrain myself. I confess I did buy some fall decor today at JoAnn's, but in my defense they are dual purpose items because I will be using it for my sister-in-laws baby shower in October. Of course I can't share many details about the shower because the theme and decor are a surprise, but I can't wait to show all my DIY projects post-shower.

My mom was the instigator with the fall decor today, when she surprised me with a hostess gift.
Check out this adorable owl spoon holder:
Cracker Barrel

After a nice long weekend of my parents visiting us in Boise, I decided to spend the rest of the evening relaxing with a few of my weekend favorites:

Carrot Cake Cupcake & "Cup of Joy" Tea

Getting ready to paint my toes and devour "The September Issue"...oh and my carrot cake of course

Bought this charcoal and black sugar face mask a couple weeks ago at the grocery store. I've already used it twice and *LOVE* it!!! My skin is so perfectly smooth. It was voted one of the "2013 Best in Beauty" products by Allure magazine and let me tell you they definitely got it right.

Post sugar scrub glow

Pinky Jewelry earrings (store on 23rd Ave in Portland, OR)

Oscar is a little tired from the weekend and is also taking the evening to relax:

I hope you are loving the start of September as much as I am.
 Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!!

Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Beautiful,

The BoiseBombshell