Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Fairytale Themed Baby Shower

All week I have found myself getting easily distracted. No matter where I, home, the grocery store, my mind keeps wandering to a special little someone. My soon-to-be niece. Although she is supposed to come on Christmas Day, I have been growing somewhat extremely and irrationally impatient, which is not fair really since I'm not even the one having to be pregnant and wait, but it's the truth.

I realized today that perhaps the little miss is giving her Aunt Amanda some much needed grace and allowing me the opportunity to finally post her baby shower details BEFORE she actually arrives. How sweet of her. It just so happens the baby shower was exactly 2 months ago today. This little one is much more patient than I am, so without further ado...

FIRST THINGS FIRST...ask for help!!!
I have 2 sister-in-laws. One with two busy kiddos, Kayla,  and the other who I threw the shower for, Adina. Kayla hosted the shower at her place and helped me with coordinating, making crafts, baking food and shopping for supplies aka basically everything haha. My parents, friends, family and in-laws all contributed to making this a beautiful shower. From my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law carving out mini pumpkins for dip, to my parents baking caramel apples with me at 10pm and my friend driving with me to the printing store because we ran out of ink mid-invitation making...this shower took a lot of loving hands and for that I am eternally grateful!!!

I wanted to make sure I included everything Adina had in mind for her shower. She wasn't too picky, in fact she practically gave me full rein to do whatever I wanted for the shower (LOVE that!). The only thing I think she actually specified was she preferred cake to cupcakes. Alright, I can do that :-)
I picked the colors (pink & grey) based on things I had seen her picking out for the baby's room. I added patterns (chevron stripes) based on the modern styles Adina likes. She wanted a theme, but preferred it to be a surprise. Since we had guests bring a book with their gift, we thought a fairytale theme would be a good route. All the books and most of the decor were available for Adina to take home and use in the baby's room for decor if she wanted.

It all started with the hand-made invitations. See tutorial here.

My dear sweet friend who sat with me for hours making these, you are a saint!!! 


My husband helped me create some signs out of wood pallets. We put these signs going up the driveway of the shower.

I attached a balloon to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, to make it easier for guests to spot
A chalkboard painted welcome sign. Easy to wipe off and reuse for the baby's room.
My niece and nephew also created their own welcome sign: "Baby Shower Here" cute is that?


Teacup: My sister-in-law Kayla had this in her house already, it fit perfectly with the decor

Baby Love Notes - where guests wrote their advice, hopes and dreams for the parents-to-be
 Tip: I also had guests write their addresses, to make it easier for thank you cards :-)


I loosely followed this Tutu Table Skit Tutorial on YouTube. I used less fabric by only making it for the front of the gift table.
 Note the tissue paper balls in the window. See tutorial here
The happy mama-to-be!
For party favors I did caramel apples. I figured they were sort of fairytale-ish...think SnowWhite.

Piano decor
Piano decor

We set up a lot of side table for drinks and snacks to be placed on. We decorated each with fairytale characters, candles and/or flowers. Note the pink and white giant pearls floating in the vase. 

"Enchanted" napkin holder & faux pearl filled candle holder

Coffee Table Centerpiece: glitter, painted mason jar w/ tea light inside and glitter paper cutouts


We played 3 different games during the shower.

Guess What's in the Bag 
Bags were labeled #1-10
(Kayla played this game at her baby shower and it was a huge hit)

Guess What's in the Bag- Bags contained different baby items and guests had to write down what they thought they were by feel only..

Guess the Baby Food Flavor
Guess the Baby Food Flavor - Guests could smell or taste each and write down their guess. Each guests had 5 Popsicle sticks labeled #1-5 to dip into each flavor (no double dipping haha) 
Baby Shower Bingo
Baby Shower Bingo - Guests filled out the bingo card with different items they thought Adina would get as gifts. While she opened her gifts they crossed off any items they had on their card and BINGO!
The games were pretty fun, they had us cracking up.


We used this little chalk sign of Kayla's that originally counted down to Halloween to write the baby's countdown. Did I mention Kayla is a crafting genius???
Now only 7 days!!!
Mini pumpkins full of dip...think Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage...okay that fairytale theme was a stretch here

I love these napkin ties Kayla came up with. Little "Once upon a time" tags...they turned out perfectly!


Added some pizazz to the plastic cups with glitter. See tutorial here

Decorated the kitchen table with candles and tulle.

Cinderella silhouette I borrowed from my friend's bridal shower

 I even had Adina's husband show up towards the end, so everyone could see him and he could help open gifts. 
He brought her flowers too (oh go ahead, let out a sigh as your heart melts on the floor).

Overall the shower was a huge success. I think more than 25 people came.
Me, Adina & Kayla

So my dear sweet unborn niece, the thing is...I love being an aunt. Whether it's receiving school pictures in the mail, getting hand-made necklaces, sharing my lipgloss or getting sticker pages, it is the BEST!!! I cannot wait to add you into the mix of my already fun-filled aunt adventures. My dear sweet girl you have been so thoughtful to allow me time to post this blog about your shower, but now it is posted, so come join the world...I am begging you! We are waiting oh-so-impatiently to meet you, but never-the-less I do want you to only arrive when you're ready and remember to...

Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Beautiful,

The BoiseBombshell