Monday, May 25, 2015

Casual Weekend Wear

My parents came to visit this weekend. In addition to the good laughs and amazing food, this always means girl time with my mama. Even if we can only sneak in a few hours, we enjoy this time so much. Working out, getting our nails done,'s nice to have someone around who likes these activities as much as I do.

Today after breakfast we went for a bike ride and my parents left for their drive back to Central Oregon. For a casual day off, I had the perfect look (thanks to our shopping trip yesterday).

Tank & Pants: The Loft

Earrings: Old Navy, Sunglasses: Banana Republic

Sandals: Target

It was a mostly sunny day, but the clouds have started rolling in and you know what that means bombshells...time for popcorn and a movie ;-)

Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Beautiful,

The BoiseBombshell