Sunday, November 23, 2014

DIY Glitter Cups

Here we go again...

I am breaking down another DIY baby shower project. Yes, I am still referring to the same shower I was in these previous posts (see them here and here). What can I say? There are a lot of DIY projects involved in throwing a baby shower, at least when I throw them. I promise eventually I will post pictures of the actually event.

Now, let's talk tableware. For the shower I kept it relatively simple. Pink chevron striped paper plates, gray napkins (with the cutest tags ever, thanks to my sister-in-law), chevron straws and plastic cups.

Plates & Napkins: Zurcher's, Tags: DIY ("One upon a time" to keep with the fairytale shower theme)
Chevron Straws: Hobby Lobby

Originally, the cups were clear plastic and of course that was not good enough for me, so I decided to add some sparkle.

  • Cups
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Latex Gloves
  • Towel/Cardboard/Rag 
  • *GLITTER* 

1) Sprinkle pile of glitter onto a flat service. Originally, I tried putting the glitter on a plate but this did not work because the edges on the plate got in the way.

2). Put on latex gloves. I made the mistake of starting without gloves on, which made for one sticky mess.

3). Wrap the cup in a rag or paper towel. I used multiple paper towels.

4). Spray adhesive

5). Immediately roll cup in glitter

6). Set out to dry


This was an easy way to add sparkle to otherwise plain cups. It shoudl be noted you will find glitter throughout your house for weeks after your event, but then again what's so bad about that ;-)

Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Beautiful,

The BoiseBombshell